There are no written records of the beginning of combat systems, so we need to rely on oral traditions and legends.

It is believed that about. 1400 years ago left a monk whose name was Damure (Bodhiharma) India to spread Buddhism teachings. One of the places he came to was China.

In China he found the way to the Shaolin Temple, where he began teaching. But here arose quickly a problem, the
passed out from exertion of his teaching methodsTo get the monks in shape, decided Damura to show them 
the way to better physical shapeThe exercises he showed in Ekkin Sutra. With training and perfection of these
ob tained Shaolin monks quickly reputation for their abilities.

These exerciseswere eventually known as Shorin-ji Kempo and was the root of Karate.

Still-since there are no written records, it's hard to know what's next happened but it is thought that various game 
systems began to spread over China, and as the Chinese made contact with foreign cultuer, they have passed their 
combat systems forthese.

One of the cultures they came into contact with was Okinawa.


This is JKS Karate 


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Why we are the best.

JKS Maharashtra has an impeccable lineage with a rich heritage that started with: 
- O' Sensei Gichin Funakoshi (10th Dan, father of modern day karate & founder of Shotokan) 
- Sensei Masatoshi Nakayama (10th Dan, credited to develop and spread karate across the world) 
- Sensei Tetsuhiko Asai (10th Dan, former Chief Instructor of JKA & founder of JKS) 
- Sensei Masao Kagawa (9th Dan, current Chief Instructor of JKS) 
- Sensei Jan Spatzek (8th Dan, Chief Instructor of JKS Denmark, Technical Adviser for
  JKS Bangladesh and for many JKS INDIA states branches and direct student of two legendary
  masters.....  Sensei T. Asai (founder of JKS) & Sensei H. Kanazawa (founder of SKIF)