History Okinawa
From about the middle of the fourteenth century, began Okinawa a trade with its neighboring islands and mainland neighbors. It is believed that this contact with outsiders, was the reason that these battlesystems came to Okinawa.
Around1470, it was prohibited people of Okinawa have weapons and later(1609)were all weapons that the population had been confiscated by the Japanese when they occupied the island.
It is believed that Okinawa-Te gained acclaimas a means ofself-defense because of these prohibitions.

For about 250years ago Koshokunto Okinawa, where he andother military personnel from China taught in China-hand. A few years later raised a man named Satunuku"Tode" Sakugawato China and when he returned to Okinawa, he was master of Karate(China hand).

It is also told that two Okinawan's named SokunMatsumura and Gusukumawas taught by sailors from southern China, which was driven ashore by belost.
These two men-Matsumura and Gusukuma were the one swho should have taught Anko Itosu and Anko Azato that would later come to teach Gichin Funakoshi.

There were two types ofOkinawa-Te: Shuri-te(Shorin) andNAHA-TE (Shorei).
It is often said that Gichin Funakoshif used Shorin and Shorei to his own style.

Gichin Funakoshi began studying Okinawa-Te during Itosu and Azatoin 1879.In 1902 he gave the story first formal private demonstration of karate. 1903was the year where he introduce Okinawa-Te in public skolesys-tem (Daiichi Middle School) andin 1906 he gav ethe first public karate demonstration in Okinawa.

In 1914 began Gichin Funakoshi to give demonstrations throughout Okinawa and in 1917 was Karate ready to move to Japan.

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