During training, you will often hear the word etiquette, and you will probably ask yourself why would people attacking each other, be as interested in good manners? There are few answers to this question, which is: First Karate is dangerous! Athletes who try to beat and kick each other with so much force and speed as possible, you control to avoid harming each other seriously. Control is by exercising control; This training promotes respect for your training partners, who besides it would be impossible to train. Second Another reason which is not as convenient but still just as important are: Karate is not only a self-defense method, through karate training can gain an advantage in all parts of life. and one of these benefits is the way we interact and influence each other. Under normal circumstances,



Dojo RULES & and some basic rules:
1st  Bow when you enter and when you leave a dojo.
2nd Address all your instructors  "Sensei".
3rd  The word "Oss" as a response and as a sign of respect, and should be used in the following circumstances:
      - When you receive advice and guidance from an instructor.
      - When one bows to his partner before and after partner exercises.
      - When Sensei enters the dojo.
4th  No one leaves the dojo when a session is started without the permission of the instructor.
5th  There is not carried jewelry, watches electricity. etc. during training.
6th  You do not go into the dojo with footwear.
7th  Do not talk unnecessarily.
8th  Always walk behind the other.
9th  Be clean and well-groomed and make sure you have short clipped nails.
10th If you arrive late for training, you bend at the entrance to the dojo and sit in "seiza" and waiting for permission
        from Sensei to participate in the training.


These rules will be natural with time, no one expects you to learn them from start to finish over a week.


This is JKS Karate 


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Why we are the best.

JKS Maharashtra has an impeccable lineage with a rich heritage that started with: 
- O' Sensei Gichin Funakoshi (10th Dan, father of modern day karate & founder of Shotokan) 
- Sensei Masatoshi Nakayama (10th Dan, credited to develop and spread karate across the world) 
- Sensei Tetsuhiko Asai (10th Dan, former Chief Instructor of JKA & founder of JKS) 
- Sensei Masao Kagawa (9th Dan, current Chief Instructor of JKS) 
- Sensei Jan Spatzek (8th Dan, Chief Instructor of JKS Denmark, Technical Adviser for
  JKS Bangladesh and for many JKS INDIA states branches and direct student of two legendary
  masters.....  Sensei T. Asai (founder of JKS) & Sensei H. Kanazawa (founder of SKIF)