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The late Shuseki Shihan Tetsuhiko Asai established the NPO Japan Karate Shoto Federation in the year 2000. Unfortunately he passed away in the year 2006. This sad event raised many difficulties which we were able to overcome due to the efforts of the Headquarters’ Instructors and strong passion of the JKS members.

Our long time ideal is ‘Lifetime Karate’ training. So we will try hard to spread and develop karate-do and work towards the improvement of our federation.



Japan Karate Shoto Federation

Japan Karate Shoto Federation (Honbu Dojo instructors 2002)


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Japan Karate Shoto Federation (Honbu Dojo instructors 2017)


This is JKS Karate 


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Why we are the best.

JKS Maharashtra has an impeccable lineage with a rich heritage that started with: 
- O' Sensei Gichin Funakoshi (10th Dan, father of modern day karate & founder of Shotokan) 
- Sensei Masatoshi Nakayama (10th Dan, credited to develop and spread karate across the world) 
- Sensei Tetsuhiko Asai (10th Dan, former Chief Instructor of JKA & founder of JKS) 
- Sensei Masao Kagawa (9th Dan, current Chief Instructor of JKS) 
- Sensei Jan Spatzek (8th Dan, Chief Instructor of JKS Denmark, Technical Adviser for
  JKS Bangladesh and for many JKS INDIA states branches and direct student of two legendary
  masters.....  Sensei T. Asai (founder of JKS) & Sensei H. Kanazawa (founder of SKIF)